Deep rooted

The third generation

That success has everything to do with a lifelong passion for the onion. A passion that is passed on from father to son, because now the third generation of Nieuwenhuijse leads the company. In the course of Jonika's history, cultivation, in addition to sorting, storing, packaging and exporting, has become increasingly important. The basic principle is that cultivation determines quality. A good cultivation produces an onion that belongs to the top class, an onion with a very high quality. A Jonika Onion. These Jonika onions are exported to 6 different continents.

With result

Thoughtfully grown

You can actually recognize a Jonika Onion during its growth; the fertile soil, the green proud stems and the constant care of the grower. Today's Jonika Onion is the successful product of a strict and innovative selection policy, in which the environment is also central. There was also a long way to go before that.

Deep rooted


Our current growers use the very best seed varieties and make sparing use of fertilizers, pesticides and protective agents. The result of this method is an onion of absolute top class.

Jonika attaches great value to 'input from the field'. The direct relationship between Jonika and her growers, their wishes and opinions, are an important and necessary factor in the overall success.


Harvest with
extreme care

Harvesting the onions is painstaking work. The growers harvest the onions with the greatest possible dedication and precision to avoid damage. For this they use advanced machines that they only deploy at the right time to harvest the onion at its peak, so that the high quality is guaranteed. That moment is determined by a timing that requires years of experience. Likewise the process of careful collection and subsequent transport to the climate-controlled storage areas.


The art of

At Jonika we have elevated the preservation of onions to a true art. Preservation and storage are specialized procedures that we carry out with the greatest possible care and with modern drying systems, so that the onion retains flavour, shape, colour, skin and hardness.

In our storage areas we store the onions in crates to dry. A phase that is also very decisive for the quality of the onion. The storage areas guarantee a constant quality in which temperature, ventilation and humidity are the most important conditions. Using advanced techniques, we create an ideal shelf life climate in our modern storage areas.


Leading right direction

During its stay in the ground, the onion is well protected. We also provide this protection above ground during the phases of our complete processing line, namely sorting, reading and packaging.

Our sorting lines are specially built and composed to prevent damage to the onions. For example, the drop heights are kept to a minimum across the entire line.

Quality sorting

the quality

Smart machines use artificial intelligence to determine the quality of the onions. Before the onions are packed, a final quality check is done. This creates a product that meets all the customer's wishes and needs.


Provided with
the correct label

With packaging you can go in all directions with us. From 250 gram packaging, small packaging in bags, boxes of plastic crates and big bags to 'loose on the car'. Always delivered quickly and with high delivery reliability.

To wish

Customization possible
You ask...

We are happy to accommodate customers with specific wishes. We can sort by any desired size and quantity and package it according to your wishes. This applies to various types of onions such as yellow onions, red onions, shallots and banana shallots. In that case applies; you ask, we take care of and deliver.


An onion conquers
the world

It is internationally known that the Dutch soil and climate are particularly suitable for a high-quality onion.

Jonika exports his onions to 6 different continents. The natural conditions, our modern sorting and packing station and the favorable logistics location give Jonika a good base for export. Our Oostdijk location is centrally located in relation to the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Vlissingen.


Also delivered the best onions
to you?

We are Jonika. We grow, harvest, store and export onions. Also interested in the Jonika onion? Please contact our sales department. Our onions make you smile.