Expansion of machine park


Symach Palletizer

Our machine park was recently expanded with a SYMACH palletizer.
With the purchase of this machine and our new industrial hall, we are building further on our future, in which we can provide our customers with the best onions even faster.

Sorting line red onions


New sorting line for red onions

We have started using a new sorting line especially for sorting mainly red onions. This sorting line is very flexible in supplying and processing various types of onions. After sorting, the onions are immediately ready for packaging.

New shed


1500m2 Additional storage

We recently expanded our business premises with a sixth shed. This high-end industrial space will be used for the storage of processed onions. With 1500m2 of surface we can increase our production and deliver faster to our clients. The shed is equipped with LED lighting and energy-saving measures for a sustainable existence.