The 3rd generation

Our onions
make you smile

In the middle of the last century, Joost Nieuwenhuijse founded Jonika BV in Oostdijk, an onion sorting and packing station for onion growers in Zeeland. These onions soon found their way to the Netherlands and abroad, the start of a flourishing business.

Jose Nieuwenhuijse

Our goal is to process and export a high-quality product with great care.

Jaap Nieuwenhuijse

Our modern production lines enable us to respond optimally to the wishes of the customer.

Deep rooted

A rich history

The history of Jonika goes back more than 70 years. Jonika's vision has remained unchanged: to supply good quality onions to buyers worldwide with many options in terms of packaging. The short lines and personal contact are still decisive to this day.


Exporting around the globe

Jonika exports his onions to 6 different continents. The natural conditions, our modern sorting and packing station and the favorable logistics location give Jonika a good base for export. Our Oostdijk location is centrally located in relation to the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Vlissingen.

high end

Innovations for the future

Innovation is the future, we are convinced of that at Jonika. We continuously monitor our production and quality process and investigate where innovations and improvements are possible. This results in a modern and high-end machine park in which the best quality onions are processed, stored and packed.