Since 1936 a rich history

the third generation

Our onionsmake you smile

The company was set up by Joost Nieuwenhuijse in the middle of the last century. Based in the town of Oostdijk, Jonika was envisaged as a grading and packing station for onion growers in the Dutch coastal province of Zeeland. Soon, the onions were being bought by customers all over the Netherlands and far beyond. And the company went from strength to strength.


Exporting around the globe

Jonika exports onions to all six continents. The perfect growing conditions, our hyper-modern grading and packing station and an excellent logistical infrastructure give Jonika a great basis for bringing quality onions to customers all over the world. Our home town of Oostdijk has easy access to the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Vlissingen.

Our aim is to process and export high-quality products with real care

José Nieuwenhuijse

With our modern production line, we can give our customers precisely what they want

Jaap Nieuwenhuijse